Hank Leukart's DooM FAQ 6.666

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CHAPTER [19]: Miscellaneous DOOM problems


[19-1]: Why won't my mouse work with DOOM?


[19-1-1]: Why does my mouse start moving itself during play?

It is recommended that you upgrade to DOOM v1.666 to fix this problem.

Older mouse drivers cause a problem with DOOM v1.2. Make sure you are using
Microsoft mouse drivers v9.x instead of v8.x. Logitech mouse drivers v6.x work
as well. The newest Logitech mouse drivers are available at the FTP site
"" in the directory "systems/ibmpc/msdos/mouse" under the
file name "drvr???.zip" where ??? is the version number of the drivers.

If you continue to have this problem, try playing with the keyboard or
joystick, with the mouse unplugged. DOOM has a bug that causes it to do strange
things at times.

[19-1-2]: Why won't my two button mouse work with DOOM?

DOOM's SETUP.EXE program assumes that one has a three button mouse. The left
button is "fire," the right button is "forward," and the center button is
"strafe." If you run the setup program that comes with DOOM, you can assign
"strafe" to the right mouse button, and the setting for "Move Forward" then
appears to be blank. In actuality, "Move Forward" is set to be permanently
"on." This can be fixed easily. Edit the file "DEFAULT.CFG" in your DOOM
directory with any text editor. The three lines of interest are: mouseb_fire,
mouseb_strafe, and mouseb_forward. The settings for these are 0 (left button),
1 (middle button) and 2 (right button). When you ran the setup program,
mouseb_forward was assigned a value of -1. Go ahead and change this to "1",
save the file and restart DOOM. The final entries should appear as:

mouseb_fire      0
mouseb_strafe    2
mouseb_forward   1

This will allow you to shoot with the left button and strafe with the right

[19-1-3]: Why won't my IBM PS/2 mouse work with DOOM?

The IBM PS/2 mouse does not seem to work well with DOOM. id Software is working
on a solution to this problem. The only current solution that has been
discovered is to load DOOM under Windows. Doing this allows the mouse to work
perfectly. DOOM v1.666 fixes this problem, if you encounter this, upgrade.

[19-2]: Why does netDOOM seem to crash at certain times?

This is a known bug in v1.2 of DOOM. Upgrade to v1.666, it fixes this problem.

[19-3]: Why won't my modem work with DOOM?

You may use a non-standard IRQ for your COM port. You can get the
"DOOMODEM.ZIP" utility to fix this. (see Chapter [15-7])

DOOM seems to be very picky about certain kinds of modems and the
initialization strings you use with them. Here is a list of initialization
strings that seem to work well. Many modems have more than one in this list; if
one does not work, try another one. Place these initialization strings in the
first line(s) of your MODEM.CFG file.

AT&T Dataport 2001:        AT &F%VFX7S62=0%VG9\Q2\N0&W
AT&T Dataport:             AT &F X7 S62=0 \Q2 \N0 &W
Boca                       AT &Q6 %C0 &K0
Boca 14.4 Fax/Modem        AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &Q0 &D2 &K4
Boca 14.4k                 AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &Q0 &D2 &K0 %C0
Boca 14.4 internal         AT &C0   S37=9 N0 &Q0 &K0 W0 S36=3 S48=128 %C0
Boca 14.4k (external)      AT &F S0=1 S36=0 &K0 &Q6 N0 S37=9 &D2
Boca M1440i (internal)     ATS48=0S37=9S46=136%C0%E0%M0&K0&Q0&R1&C1&D2\G0\N1N0
Cardinal                   AT &F W0 &Q0 &D2
Cardinal 14.4k             AT &F N0 S37=9 &Q0 &D2 \N1
Computer Peripherals 14.4          AT &F S37=9 S46=0 N0 &Q0 &K0
Digicom Systems (DSI) (softmodem)  AT Z \N0 &D2 &K0 S48=48
Digicom Systems Scout Plus         ATZ*E0*N3*M0*S0*F0&D2
Digicom connection 96+Softmodem:   AT \N1 &d2 %c0 s37=9 &K0
Digicom connection 96+Softmodem:   AT Z \N0 &D2 &K0 S48=0
Digicom connection 96+Softmodem:   ATZ*E0*N3*S0*M0*F0&D2
GVC 14.4k (internal)      AT &F B8 \Q0
Gateway Telepath          AT &F S37=9 %C0 &K0 &Q6 \G0
Gateway Telepath 14.4k    AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &Q0 &D2 &K0 %C0
Gateway Telepath I:       AT S0=1 &N6 &K0 &M0
Gateway Telepath I:       AT &F S37=9 &K0 &Q0 %C0 N0 \G0 &D2 S46=0 S0=1
Gateway Telepath II       AT S0=1 S37=9 %C0 &Q0 &K0
Gateway Telepath II:      AT &F &K0 &M0 &N6 S0=1
Generic 14.4k Fax/Modem   AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &Q0 &D2 %C0 \G0 &K0
Generic v.32bis 14.4k     AT \N0 %C0 B8
Hayes 28.8k V.FAST Modem  AT &Q6 &K S37=9 N %C0 \N0
Hayes Optima 28.8/14.4    AT &F S37=9 N0 &Q0 &K0
Infotel 144I:             AT &Q0 S37=9 N0 &D2
Intel 14.4k               AT \N0 %C0 \Q0 B8
Intel 14.4k (internal)    AT Z B8 Q1 \C0 \N1 %C0 \V
Intel 400/i Fax/Modem:    AT Z\N0 %C0 "H0 S31=9 &Q0 &D
Macronix                  AT S36=3 S37=9 &K0 %C0 \G0
Microcom QX/4232bis       AT %C0 \N0
NOKIA ECM 4896M TRELLIS V.32.    AT Z %C0 /N0
Netcomm M7F                      AT &E &K0 B0 \V0 X4 &D2 \N1 \Q0 #J0 #Q9 %C0
Nokia ECM 4896M Trellis V.32.    AT Z %C0 /N0
Practical Peripherals 14400FX v.32bis   AT S46=0 &Q0 &K0 &D2
Practical Peripherals 14400FX v.32bis   AT Z S46=0 &Q0 &D2
Supra                     AT &F0 S46=136 %C0
SupraFaxModem 14.4:       AT &K0 &Q6 &D2 \N0 %C0
Supra (external)          AT &K0 &Q0 &D0 \N1
Supra 14.4k v.32bis       AT &F0 S46=136 &Q0 &D2
SupraFaxModem 14.4:       AT S37=9 &Q0 &D2 N \N1 &K
SupraFaxModem 14.4:       AT \N0 &D2 &K0 S48 = 8
SupraFaxModem:            AT &F0 N S37=9
Supra                     AT N0 Q0 V1 W1 &K0 \G0 \N0 \%C0 %M0 S37=9
Telebit 3000/Worldblazer  AT S50=6 S180=0
Telepath 14.4k            AT &F &M0 &K0 &N6 &H0 S0=1
Turbo Modem Plus          AT &F B8 %C0 /N1
USR Sportster 9600        AT &M0 &K0 &N6
USR 14.4k                 AT &K0 &H0 &D0 &I0 &R1
USR 14.4k                 AT &F0 B0 S34=1 &N6 &K0 &I0
USR Sportster             AT &F0 &K0 &M0 &B1 S34=1 &N6 &I0
USR 14.4k                 AT &B1 &M0 S27=16 &H0 &I0 &K0 &N6
USR 14.4k                 AT &M0 &K0 &N8 &D0 B0
USR 14.4k                 AT &A0 &B0 &D0 &H1 &I0 &K0 &M0 &N6 &R1 S34=1
USR Courier 16.8:         AT &A0 &M0 &K0& N6 B0 S0=0 X7
USR Courier v.32bis       AT E1 Q0 V1 S7=60 &C1 &D2 &K0 &N6 &A3 &H0 &M0
USR Sportster 14.4k       AT E1 Q0 V1 S7=60 &C1 &D2 &K0 &N6 &A3
USR Sportster 14.4k:      AT &F0 &K0 &M0 &A0
USR Sportster 14.4k       AT &F0 &M0 &K0 &N6 &H0
USR Sportster 14.4k       AT &F0 &K0 &M0 &N6 &H0 &I0 &B1 &R1
USR Sportster 14.4k:      AT &K0 &M0 &N6 &H0 &I0 &B0 &R1
USR Sportster 14.4k:      AT &N6 &K0 &M0 &B1 &H0 &I0
USR Sportster 14.4k:      AT B0 X4 E1 Q0 V1 &M0 &K0 &R1 &N6 &A3 &H0 &I0
USR Sportster 14.4k       AT S7=60 E1 Q0 V1 &C1 &D2 &K0 &N6 &A3 &M0 &H0
USR Sportster 14.4k:      AT S7=60 E1 Q0 V1 &C1 &D2 &K0 &N6 &A3
USR 14.4k Dual Standard   AT B0 X4 Q0 &R1 &B1 &N6 &A0 &D2 &H0 &I0 &K0 &M0 M1
USR DS v.32bis v.42bis    AT &M0 &N6 &A0 &R1 &H0 &K0 &I0 &S0 &B1 X1
USR Courier HST/DS 16.8k  AT X4 B0 &A0 &B0 &H2 &I0 &K0 &M0 &N6
ViVa 14.4k                AT &F &Q6 \N0 %C0 &D2 N0 S37=9
Viva 14.4 Fax/Modem:      AT S11=50 S37=9 S95=52 L0 N0 S46=0 &Q0 &D2 \N1
Wang 14/14 modem:         AT S46=0 S37=9 N0 &K0 %C0 %M0 &Q0 &D2 \N1
Zoom Init                 AT &F &Q6 S37=9 N0 &K0 %C0
Zoom Init                 AT &F &Q0 S37=9 N0 &K0 S46=0
Zoom 14.4k VFX            AT &Q6 S37=9 N0 %C0 \N0
Zoom Init                 AT &Q6 S37=9 N0 &K0 S46=136 S36=1 S48=128 %C0
Zoom OEM Modem            AT &Q6 S37=9 N0 &K0
Zoom:                     AT &Q6 S37=9 N0 &K0 %C0
Zoom:                     AT &Q0 S37=9 N0 &K0 %C0
Zoom:                     AT &Q6 &K0 &D2 \N0 %C0
Zyxel (E+):               AT &N3 &K0
Zyxel U-1496E+            AT Z &N4 &K0

[19-4]: Why is my network slowing down when using DOOM?

You may have an older version of DOOM, such as v1.0 or v1.1. These older
versions utilized broadcast packets, which slow down many networks. Upgrading
to v1.2 will fix this problem, since v1.2 utilizes direct packets.

[19-5]: Why won't the v1.4 patch install correctly?

The DOOM v1.666 patch expects to find the ORIGINAL game in your DOOM directory.
If you replaced or altered the DOOM.EXE file with a new version, the patch will
not work.

If the patch complains about missing "LICENSE.DOC" and/or "FILE_ID.DIZ," the
command "PATCH -ignoremissing" can be used. However, this will not help if the
patch complains about "DOOM.EXE" or "DOOM.WAD."

If you are using the registered version, some distributors shipped an older
release of v1.1. It is recommended that you call your distributor, or E-mail
"" if you ordered from id Software for more help.

[19-6]: DOOM is too easy

If you find DOOM too easy, here are some suggestions.

   *  (1) Play on a harder difficulty level.
   *  (2) Only save your game at the beginning of each level.
   *  (3) Never save your game and try completing the mission.
   *  (4) Only use your fist and pistol for the entire game.
   *  (5) Turn down your screen contrast so you can see less.
   *  (6) Use the "-respawn" parameter upon loading DOOM to allow the monsters
     to revive in other difficulty levels.

[19-7]: DOOM is too hard

If you find DOOM too hard, here are some suggestions.

   *  (1) Play on an easier difficulty level.
   *  (2) Save your game often.
   *  (3) Try using some of the cheat codes or a cheating utility.
   *  (4) Turn up your screen contrast so you can see more.
   *  (5) Press F11 during game play for gamma correction.

[19-8]: I get motion sickness when playing DOOM

There have been a lot of discussion about this phenomenon. In short some people
experience dizziness attributed to the game movement. There were many theories,
most along the line of motion sickness. Some also said that the animation is
too smooth so it fools your brain into believing it to be real. Others said its
too jerky and it makes you vomit like being sea sick. Another popular theory is
that lack of proper acceleration (like on-off high speed) attribute to the
nausea. I will not go into discussion of why. Instead, I will post some steps
people suggested. Remedies are not guaranteed to work. There are many, all are
experimental and some will have opposite effects on different people. This, it
seems, is a very individual problem.

   *  (1) Try different display sizes. Either use different size monitors or
     use the screen size option to vary the display window.
   *  (2) Try sitting closer/further from the display (don't stick your nose in
     it, I don't want you to get radiation sick). Try combining this with
     focusing/defocusing on the display or surroundings. This is to see if you
     are being aware that you are looking at the monitor and hopefully it may
     convince your brain that what you play is not really real.
   *  (3) Try different machine speeds. If you have a turbo switch try playing
     with it on/off.
   *  (4) Try different input devices. With a mouse you can control
     acceleration more accurately than with a joystick or the keyboard.
   *  (5) Play on your friend's/colleague's computer. See if it is
   *  (6) Have breaks while you play. Play in turns. Watch others play & then
     play yourself.
   *  (7) If you have sound card, try playing with/without the sound. If your
     sound card is stereo try playing with headphones on. Reverse the
     headphones so that left becomes right.

After switching machines, many have problems adjusting too. On a 486, things
may seem "too smooth." On a 386, it may make you want to vomit. Sometimes you
just have to give time to adjust.