Hank Leukart's DooM FAQ 6.666

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[5]: What are the differences between the different releases of DOOM?

(5-1): What is the shareware release?
        The shareware version of DOOM only includes one of the three
missions of DOOM.  Each mission contains eight levels and a secret
level.  The shareware version contains network support and modem
support.  The shareware version does NOT include the Plasma Rifle and
the BFG9000 weapons. On December 10th, 1993, v1.0 was released.  On
December 16th, 1993, v1.1 was released.  On February 17th, 1994, id
released v1.2 of DOOM.  This version fixed many bugs and added new
features, including modem support. Unfortunately, this revision added
many new bugs.  On June 28th, 1994, v1.4 was released.  This version was
only an "Internet Beta version," as was used to find bugs before the
pending released of v1.5 of DOOM.  Then, on July 8th, 1994, v1.5 was
released as another "Internet Beta version."  Both version 1.4 and 1.5
were released without registered version patches. In early August, v1.6
was released as yet another "Internet Beta version." FINALLY! In early
September of 1994, v1.666 made its debut!  The new features of v1.4,
v1.5, and v1.666 are all outlined in Chapter [5-3].

[5-2]: What is the mail-order release?
        The mail-order release of DOOM includes all three missions of DOOM.
Each mission contains eight levels and a secret level.  This version includes
all weapons.  All mail-order releases ordered July of 1994 are older
versions.  It is recommended that you upgrade to v1.666 if you wish modem
support, Nightmare mode, DeathMatch v2.0, and various other bug fixes.

[5-3]: What makes the six versions different?
        Seven different versions of DOOM have been released: v1.0 (which
has the v0.99 operating system), v1.1, v1.2, v1.4, v1.5, v1.6, and
v1.666.  Version 1.0 was the initial December 10th, 1993 release.
Version 1.1 was the first upgrade of DOOM, released on December 16th,
1993.  Although this version fixed many bugs and compatibility problems,
it introduced many new ones. Version 1.2, released on February 17th,
added modem play, Nightmare mode, and better use of networks, but again
introduced many new bugs.  v1.4 of DOOM was a Beta version released
exclusively on the Internet, and was only used for finding bugs before
the pending v1.5 release.  v1.5 followed, which again was released as an
Internet Beta version to find bugs for the pending v1.6.  v1.6 was then
released as another Beta, and finally v1.666 was released in early
September which fixed some modem play problems and other miscellaneous
sound code and control bugs.
        Note: id reports that v1.8 of DOOM will be released in the near 
future, and DOOM II has a version v1.7 and v1.7a.

        v1.4/v1.5/v1.666 new features:

        - New 14.4k and 28.8k modem support
        - Better serial support
        - New and improved SETUP.EXE with the following features:
                + Phone number list
                + Modem string database
                + Level warp key (F1)
                + Up to eight digital channels instead of four
        - New DeathMatch v2.0 rules (-ALTDEATH parameter):
                + All objects respawn after 30 seconds
                + Suicide subtracts a frag from your score
                + Negative frags are now possible
        - You can type "+" and "-" in chat mode
        - The "Official" DOOM FAQ is now included
        - Microscopic map bugs fixed and some elements changed in certain
          maps for network play
        - Recording multiplayer demos is now possible
        - Recorded demos do NOT end when you die or when the level ends.
          You must press "Q" or quit from DOOM to halt recording.  The
          default demo buffer is 128K, but it can be increased by using
          the "-MAXDEMO <#k>" command-line parameter.  "-MAXDEMO 1024"
          would allocate one megabyte for a demo recording buffer!
        - When playing back Multiplayer demos, you can use F12 and TAB
          keys to access the other player's views and watch everyone
          on the automap.
        - You can NOT use external files with the shareware version any
          longer.  You must register first.
        - You can now reload maps using the IDCLEV cheat if you are
          map editing on a LAN
        - Supports RESPONSE files for up to 100 command-line arguments.  A
          response file is a text file that contains all the command-line
          arguments you which to pass to DOOM.  An example would be:

            ---- start of file ---- (don't type this line)

            ---- end of file ---- (don't type this line)
          If you name this file RESPONSE.TXT, when you invoke DOOM, you
          would type "DOOM @RESPONSE.TXT" and add any additional
          command-line parameters afterwards.
        - Sound Blaster AWE32 sound support
        - Sound does NOT work under Windows or OS/2 yet.  A new version is
          being test and will be released when it is stable.
        - new FAST parameter allows optional fast enemies
        - new TURBO parameter allows the marine to move more quickly
          (this is considered cheating and is only meant for DeathMatch play)
        - the DEVPARM parameter is no longer needed to record demos

        NOTE: Saved games from versions before v1.666 do not work with v1.666.

        Bug fixes since v1.5:

        - Miscellaneous sound code, serial code, and control fixes
        - IDKFA and shotgun no longer crashes the game

        Bug fixes since v1.4:

        - SERSETUP has been rewritten-- AGAIN!
        - Help screen now mentions F11:Gamma Correction.
        - Sprite graphics can now be used in PWADs.
        - A bug that caused some monsters to teleport outside of the levels
          has been corrected.
        - Mysterious DeathMatch bug (since v1.0) that caused random objects
          to reappear but not be gettable has been corrected.
        - Increased 64K of savegame buffer space for PWAD developers.
        - SERSETUP COM port setting > 38400 has been fixed.
        - Response file bug fixed.
        - SETUP lets you type ENTER for a control key.
        - New GUS instrumnet mapping file for 1mb GUS cards only.

        Bug fixes since v1.2:

        - Now more than two people can play over a network without crashes.
        - No more PS/2 mouse bug (player loses control of character,
          character spins, game locks, etc.)
        - Saving a game under a open door, restoring it, then pressing
          space no longer causes the game to crash.
        - Sound code rewritten.
        - Serial game difficulty selection fixed in SETUP.EXE.
        - map bug fixes including two-sided linedef bug and faulty
          SKY1 ceiling texture mapping
        - gun projectiles (rockets, plasma, rockets) will no longer trigger

        It is recommended that you upgrade to v1.666 if you have not already
done so.

(5-4): What is the commercial release?
        The commercial version of DOOM is called "DOOM II: Hell on
Earth" and is now available in stores!
        DOOM II is finished and is now available to registered users of
the original DOOM.  It can be ordered directly from id or from GT
Interactive Software at 1-800-332-4300.  It costs $44.95 per copy.
        DOOM II includes these features:

        * 30 levels plus 2 secret levels
        * Lots of graphics
        * All new music
        * More sound effects
        * Runs a little faster than original DOOM due to further code
        * New enemies
        * Totally killer DeathMatch-designed levels!

[5-5]: I bought DOOM in a store, is it illegal?

        Here is accurate information regarding DOOM's legality.

        (1) DOOM purchased directly from (800)-ID-GAMES is NOT illegal.
        (2) The registered version of DOOM purchased in ANY retail stores
within the United States is illegal.
        (3) The registered version of DOOM purchased on CD-ROM ANYWHERE
is illegal.
        (4) The registered version of DOOM purchased in retail stores
OUTSIDE of the countries listed below is illegal.

                New Zealand
                Hong Kong

        (5) The registered version of DOOM purchased in retail stores in
Canada is illegal.
        (6) The shareware version of DOOM purchased anywhere (on CD-ROM
or otherwise) is LEGAL.

        I hope this clears it up.  If you own an illegal copy of DOOM,
please E-mail to "" to report the distributor,
date of purchase, and price.  Calling (800)-388-PIR8 is also allowable
for people without Internet access.

        None of this information applies to DOOM II, which is sold in 

(5-6): What is WinDOOM?

        Here is the latest information on WinDOOM, direct from Microsoft.

- WinDOOM is a joint effort of id Software and Microsoft.  Microsoft is doing
  most of the porting work.
- WinDOOM is a Win32 application.  It runs under Windows NT and Windows 4.0.
- WinDOOM uses the recently announced WinG libraries.
- WinDOOM supports full music and sound and supports all Windows MIDI and
  WAVE devices.
- WinDOOM has variable resolution.  WinDOOM can render the display at
  320x200 through 640x400.  Resolutions greater than 640x400 are
  performed via "stretching" (this is a limitation of the DOOM engine)
- WinDOOM supports network play via WinSOCK (TCP/IP) and NetBIOS (NetBeui,
  IPX, etc.)
- WinDOOM supports any display with at least 256 colors.
- WinDOOM is multithreaded so if you're running under a multiprocessor
  machine you'll see a significant speed increase.
- WinDOOM will support DEC Alpha and MIPS RISC machines.

*5-7*: What other DOOM ports are in the works?
        Here is the status on all the latest DOOM ports.  This is DIRECT 
from id Software, opinions conveyed in here are not nessecarily the 
opinions of Hank Leukart.

QNX: DOOM for the QNX OS is anonymously ftp'able from
It's compiled with Pentium optimizations and supports sound, music,
the VGA console and X Windows with pixel doubling and tripling.
We don't support this version, QNX Software Systems did the port.
This version will run the shareware, registered, or doom2 wadfile.
The files to ftp are:

  /usr/free/doom/qnxdoom.pax.gz - Console and X versions of QNX DOOM
  /usr/free/doom/doom1.wad.gz   - DOOM v1.666 wad file
  /usr/free/doom/qnxdoom.faq    - Installation instructions and other

OS/2: Still working, no dates yet. IBM guys are handling this.
This is how this will work: You will be able to download the
OS/2 version from most BBSs and ftp sites. It will work with
your registered wad or the shareware one. NO CHANGE. STILL NO CHANGE.

SGI Irix v5.2:
It is integrated with the v1.6ish DOOM version.  It supports
pixel-doubling, -tripling, -quadrupling as well as 16-bit sound
for clearer mixing.  Now compiled with -mips1 flag. Do not send
us mail about this. We will delete it. NO CHANGE.

LINUX: the linux version is at
and may be moved to whatever appropriate directory later. Do not
send us mail about this. We will delete it. NO CHANGE.

JAG: It's out now. Go buy it. Everyone likes it.

MAC: We have found a team to do this. There is no release date.
We just got some Power PCs to test the beta
version on. It should be here soon. Please do NOT ask to test
this. There is no more info on this at this time. NO CHANGE.

WINDOWS: We just got a beta of this. Looks AWESOME. Still no
release date. The MICROSOFT guys are working on this. NO CHANGE.

NEXTSTEP: There is a version 1.2 available from There
will not be another patch until we send out the finished version.
Omnigroup is working on a new NEXTSTEP release of
DOOM with interceptor direct framebuffer access, sound,
customizable controls, and lots of other features.
A DOOM II release will also be available.
URL for the info page at Omni's WWW site:

Sega 32X: Released. Everyone is spooging over this one, too.
Buy it.

There will never be a port to these machines:
Amiga, Sinclair 2000, Apple //gs, TRS-80.