Hank Leukart's DooM FAQ 6.666

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CHAPTER [6]: Where can I get DOOM and related information?

[6-1]: How can I get the shareware release?

*6-1-1*: What are the file names?
        DOOM is released in two formats, a two file 1.44mb format, and a 
one file 2mb format.  The 2mb format is released under the name 
"".  The 1.44mb file names are "" and 
"" If you got DOOM before September of 1994, it is 
recommended that you upgrade to v1.666 if you wish all of its new 
features and bug fixes. A patch under the file name "" is 
available to upgrade the v1.2 shareware version to v1.666.  A patch 
under the file name "" is available to upgrade the 
registered version to v1.666.  Additionally, a file named "" 
is available for those people whose computers do not work with the DOOM 
DOS Extenders, but only for DOOM v1.1. NOTE: Registered version patches 
for v1.4, v1.5, and v1.6bt were NEVER released.
        There is NO shareware version of DOOM II, however, there are 
patches to upgrade DOOM II to v1.7a.  These are available under the file 
names "" (if your DOOM II is v1.666) and "" (if 
your DOOM II is v1.7).

[6-1-2]: How can I get DOOM using FTP?
        Here is a list of sites DOOM is on.  Choose the one closest to you
for fastest delivery. /pub/doom /incoming (will be moved to /pub/IHHD/multi-player) /pub/doom /wolf3d/incoming (will be moved to pub/doom) /pub/ibmpc/games/id /pub/msdos/id /msdos/Games/ID /pub/msdos/games/id /pub/msdos/games/id /pub/doom/id /incoming (only the patch from 1.1 to 1.2) /pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/games/doom

        There is no shareware version of DOOM II.

[6-1-3]: How can I get DOOM using AFS?
        DOOM can get received from the following AFS site.


[6-1-4]: How can I get DOOM on a BBS?
        DOOM is on id Software's official BBS, Software Creations.  DOOM is
located in the id Software directory.  Choose the appropriate phone number
for your modem.

        (a) (508)-365-2359 2400 baud
        (b) (508)-368-7036 9600-14.4k v.32bis
        (c) (508)-368-4137 14.4-16.8k HST/DS

        Software Creations can also be telnetted to using the site name 

*6-2*: How can I get the mail-order release?
        The mail-order release of DOOM is available directly from id
Software.  To order, call id Software's order number, (800)-ID-GAMES.
This number is for ORDERING ONLY, not for inquiries or technical support.
The mail-order version of DOOM costs $40.00.  If you live out of the United
States, you can still order DOOM by an out-of-country shareware

*6-3*: How can I get the commercial release?
        DOOM II was released at the beginning of October.  It can be 
purchased in your local software store or ordered directly from GT 
Interactive (DOOM II's distributors) at (800)-332-4300 in the United 
        There is a patch to v1.7a of DOOM II available on the Internet.
If your version of DOOM II is:

        v1.666     /pub/msdos/games/id/
        v1.7       /pub/msdos/games/id/

[6-4]: How can I get the DOOM Specs for creating add-on utilities?
        id has made the decision not to release their own DOOM specs.
        The Unofficial DOOM Specs, however, written by Matt Fell and
distributed by myself, are available.  See Chapter [15-24] for more

[6-5]: Where can I get the serial play and node building source code?
        The serial play source code is available on the FTP site
"" in the directory "/pub/msdos/games/id" under the filename
        The node building source code is available on the FTP site
"" in the directory "/pub/msdos/games/id" under the filename

[6-6]: What books about DOOM are available?

        Killer DOOM: Tips & Tricks by Brady Publishing
        Author: Robert Waring
        Price : $9.95
        Order : (800)-428-5331

        The Official DOOM Survival Guide
        Author: Jonathan Mao Mendoza
        Price : $19.95 ($15.00 if ordered directly from id)
        Order : (800)-ID-GAMES
        ISBN #: 0-7821-1546-2

        DOOM Battlebook: Secrets of the Games series by Prima Publishing
        Author: Rick Barba
        Price : $14.95
        ISBN #: 1-55958-651-6

        Watch for a number of new books about DOOM and DOOM II to be 
released in early 1995.  You may even see a cool DOOM editing book 
written by someone you know. :)

*6-7*: Where can I find World Wide Web sites about DOOM?

The HTML version of the DOOM FAQ is at:

The DOOMGate is located at:

Here are all the DOOMWeb sites to date:

                by Marty Price (
                by Sven Neuhaus (
                by Tim McCune (
                by T.J. Kelly (me,
                by Piotr Kapiszewski (
                by Bill Perry (  
        (The SGI DOOM FAQ)
                by John Troyer (
                by Joost Schuur (lothlhwI@irc)
                by John Evans (
                by Randal Wilson (