Hank Leukart's DooM FAQ 6.666

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CHAPTER [9]: How can I cheat in DOOM?

*9-1*: What are the DOOM cheat codes?
        Here is a list of the cheat codes from DOOM.  During play, just type
the codes in with the keyboard.  You need not hit ENTER after the code.
After entering, a message should be displayed at the top of the screen
telling which cheat mode was activated.

  idbehold        Displays menu (followed by S, V, I, R, A, or L for choice)
                        S=Strength (Berserk)
                        I=Partial invisibility
                        A=Full Automap (computer map)
                        R=Anti-radiation suit
                        L=Light amplification visors
  idchoppers      Gives you the chain saw (long story behind the message)
  idclev          Warp (followed by episode number and level number)
# idclip          No clipping (you can walk through walls)
  iddqd           Degreelessness mode (God mode)
  iddt            Toggles Automap between normal, full, and full with objects
                  (enter when in Automap mode)
+ idfa            Gives full ammo, 200% armor, and all weapons but no keys
  idkfa           Very Happy Ammo (full ammo, 200% armor, all weapons & keys)
# idmus           Changes the music to a certain mission (followed by 
                  episode and level number)
  idmypos         Displays your bearing and coordinates in hex
@ idspispopd      No clipping (you can walk through walls)

#: Found only in DOOM II
@: Only found in in DOOM I
+: Only found in DOOM v1.4bt and up

*9-2*: What command line parameters exist?
        To use most of these parameters, start DOOM by typing:
"doom -devparm  ".  If the "-devparm" parameter
is not needed, the parameter will be marked with a plus (+).  Most of these
parameters can be mixed and matched to create different effects.  For
instance, typing "doom -devparm -wart 1 8 -record demo01 -respawn" would
record a demo on episode one, level eight, with monster respawn.  Lastly,
typing F1 during development mode will allow a 256 color screen capture in
PCX format.

@                    Used to read in a command line parm file
-altdeath                      Activates DeathMatch v2.0 (v1.4 and above)
-avg                           Ends the game after 20 minutes
-cdrom                         Uses C:\DOOMDATA directory for data
-comdev                        Internal development, texture mapping
-config           + Reads an alternate configuration file
-control                       Unknown
-deathmatch                  + Starts NetDoom in Deathmatch mode
-debugfile          Dumps debugging info to debug.txt
-devparm                       Puts you in developers mode
-episode            + Starts on episode (1-3)
-GUS                           Uses the original GUS instrument mapping
-GUS1                          Uses the new GUS instrument mapping (default)
-fast                      +++ Nightmare mode without respawn
-file          + Allows usage of an external PWAD file
-left                       ++ Sets up a network terminal for the "left view"
-loadgame       + Starts from a saved game (0-5)
-maxdemo                     + Specifies the maximum size of a LMP recording
-nodes                + Starts NetDoom with 1-4 players
-noblit                        Internal bugging switch, useless
-nodraw                        Internal bugging switch, useless
-nojoy                         Does not use the joystick
-nomonsters                  + Starts the game without monsters
-nomouse                       Does not use the mouse
-nomusic                       Does not play background music
-nosfx                         No sound effects
-nosound                       No sound at all
-opl3                          Enables the stereo music through OPL-3 on PAS16
-phase                         Enables phase shifting on PAS16
-playdemo    #+ Plays back a recorded demo
-record       + Makes a demo recording until you finish or die
-recordfrom <0-5> + Records a demo from a saved game
-regdev                        Internal development, texture mapping
-respawn                     + Causes enemies to respawn in non-Nightmare
-right                      ++ Sets up a network terminal for "right view"
-shdev                         Internal development, texture mapping
-skill          + Starts on skill level (1-5)
-statcopy                      Unknown
-timedemo     # Calculates the number of times the screen is
                               redrawn when playing a demo
-turbo            Increases the speed of the marine
-warp          Warps to episode (1-3) level (1-9)
-wart          Loads a PWAD named ExMy.wad

+: Does not require the "-DEVPARM" parameter.

++: If you have a network, try setting up a network game with three players.
    The three terminals should have the parameters:
                "doom -devparm -nodes 3 -left"
                "doom -devparm -nodes 3"
                "doom -devparm -nodes 3 -right"
    Then, set up the left and right terminal monitors next to the middle
    monitor, in a virtual-reality type configuration.  When you turn your
    head, you see the screen turned 90 degrees!  This ONLY works with
    versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 of DOOM.

+++: Must be used in conjunction with the "-WARP" parameter

#: For the "-playdemo" and "-timedemo" options, if you give an LMP file name
   of "demo#" (i.e. "demo3"), then that internal demo will be played if the
   external LMP file is not found.  For example, to play the internal 1.6
   shareware demo #2 (multiplayer demo), type "doom -playdemo demo2".
   Additionally, when using "-timedemo," the game will give you two 
   numbers after you quit to DOS, GAMETICS and REALTICS.  To determine
   the DOOM frame rate use the formula (GAMETICS/REALTICS) * 35.

Note: DO NOT name your LMP demos ExMx.LMP, or they will *NOT* work.

        If anyone has any idea what the "unknown" or question marked
parameters do, send me some E-mail!

[9-2-1]: What do the dots that appear in development mode mean?
        Direct from id, the final formula for calculating the frame
rate that the dots represent has been determined.  The formula to convert
dots to frames per second is:

                         + 1