Hank Leukart's DooM FAQ 6.666

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CHAPTER [17]: Why won't DOOM work correctly?

This chapter helps you if you cannot get the game to function as it should.

[17-1]: How can I use SMARTDRV.EXE with DOOM?

Some people have been complaining about problems with DOOM and SMARTDRV.EXE.
DOOM is not completely compatible with SMARTDRV.EXE, but here is how you can
get it to work. Try putting the following command in your CONFIG.SYS (This will
not work in the AUTOEXEC.BAT):


The double buffering uses memory differently than the normal SMARTDRV.EXE
commands. This command will take up 2k of conventional RAM and cannot be loaded
into high memory. This has been tested on two machines that did not work with
SMARTDRV.EXE, and this corrected the problem.

[17-2]: Why am I getting an "OUT OF MEMORY" error with DOOM?

If you are receiving an "OUT OF MEMORY" error when attempting to run DOOM, you
might want to attempt any of the following:

   *  (1) DOOM requires at least 4mb of RAM. Check to make sure you have at
     least this amount.
   *  (2) If you are using MS-DOS v6.xx, try holding down the LEFT SHIFT key
     during bootup. This will stop all your TSRs from loading. Remember to
     reinstall your mouse driver, however.
   *  (3) If you are using MS-DOS v5.0, rename your AUTOEXEC.BAT to stop all
     your TSRs from booting.
   *  (4) If you are using MS-DOS v6.xx, try running MEMMAKER to free up more
     RAM at bootup time.
   *  (5) If you are using MS-DOS v6.xx, create a boot menu. For details on
     creating a boot menu, type "HELP MENUITEM" at your MS-DOS prompt.
   *  (5) Try running DOOM without using HIMEM and EMM386. If you are using a
     different memory manager, try removing it instead.

[17-3]: Why does DOOM crash when I start it?

Your motherboard may not be compatible with the DOS extender that DOOM uses.
Try getting DOOM v1.2. If that still does not work, try running DOOM with one
of the DOS extenders in the file "". See Chapter [6] for more
information on how to get these files.

[17-4]: How can I run DOOM under OS/2?

People have been having a lot of trouble getting DOOM v1.x to work under OS/2.
Native OS/2 code is being worked on, so hang in there! Here is a list of
settings that many DOOM users have been able to use.

DOS_BREAK                    OFF
DOS_FCBS                     16
DOS_FCBS_KEEP                8
DOS_FILES                    20
DOS_HIGH                     OFF
DOS_RMSIZE                   640
DOS_UMB                      OFF

DPMI_DOS_API                 AUTO
DPMI_MEMORY_LIMIT            8

EMS_HIGH_OS_REGION           0
EMS_LOW_OS_REGION            384
EMS_MEMORY_LIMIT             2048

HW_NOSOUND                   OFF
HW_ROM_TO_RAM                ON
HW_TIMER                     ON

IDLE_SECONDS                 0
IDLE_SENSITIVITY             100

INT_DURING_IO                ON


XMS_HANDLES                  32
XMS_MEMORY_LIMIT             2048
XMS_MINIMUM_HMA               0

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